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It’s been a long wait, I know.  It should be worth it.  There have been some exciting developments over the past months and we are running a test case now.  We should be ready to launch our service in several months, but I feel you deserve at least a teaser.

If you are thinking of going solar for you home or residence – DON’T!  Well, at least not without talking with us first.  Solar is a great investment and money-saver, particularly if you live in a state with regulations favorable to it.  You’ve heard, “Your mileage may vary.” before?  Well, installers won’t tell you everything and the utilities will obfuscate the real costs/savings.   We’ve been studying the installers, the rebates, and the potential pitfalls, and savings you might experience.  We can be your guide in how to save money, get the best system you can afford, and potentially earn with your excess solar power production.  

Sound good?  Well, it’s about to get better.  We don’t have our business model completely worked out yet, which is bad for us, but good for you.  Early adopters will pay nothing for our services.  We’ll take on as many as we are able, but when we reach capacity we’ll have to meter how many we can help.  This is not a bait and switch.  When we are ready to charge for our services we will post it plainly on this sight.  We are just itching to get started and with information gleaned from those first to use our services we can refine what we do even more.  Besides, Jerry our test hamster is getting tired of the poking and prodding.  OK, just kidding about that.  No animals have been irritated in the making of this business.

Here are the parameters to be considered as one of our test cases.

  1. Live in Northern California as your primary residence.
  2. Own your own home or property where solar can be installed and used.
  3. Currently considering going solar at your residence or business.
  4. Like the idea of having a high quality solar system that meets your electrical demand and maybe a bit more to use to mine cryptocurrency.  (Optional)
  5. Are willing to share your current and historic energy bills with us.  NOTE: No data is sold or shared without your consent.
  6. Are willing to share data with us both before and for 2 years after the install.  This requires that you purchase and have installed a 3rd-party monitoring device that you can get on Amazon or direct from the manufacturer.  We’d also like to see your utility bills for 2 years following your solar installation.  NOTE: This is ONLY if you have a solar system installed within 6 months of our providing assistance.  We do NOT sell your personal information to 3rd parties.  Data is anonymized if we need it to work with our partners in developing better algorithms.
  7. That’s it.  No cash.  No upfront fees or ongoing payments.  We just need to mine your production and usage data to improve our technology and systems!

Apply to become an Early Adopter here

OR, go to our SolarKnerds site and sign up there!


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